Technology and Cricket: A Long Way Together

Cricket is the most common sport in India and IPL is the heart of Indian Cricket. Although it is common knowledge that India is a very diverse country, the one thing that brings Indians together is cricket. After being established in 2008, it is now an important event that Indians eagerly wait for every year.

Watching IPL cricket live is a matter of passion for many Indians and compromising the match’s quality is non-negotiable. Every single game is crucial, plus every run counts. Every wicket determines the fate of not only the player but also the team as a whole.

Each team of IPL has been through ups and downs to be where they are today. Every team has its own set of dedicated fans who would fight for them. For those fans, missing even a single match is as bad as missing the birth of their children. This level of dedication from every cricket fan is tough to match and even tougher to beat. For all of them, a live IPL match is as important as a world cup final.

Today to keep the cricket craze running, you have technology coming to the rescue. You can now watch your match on your phone! Even when you’re out, you can still keep tabs on the scores using apps that give live updates. You could be walking on the road or out on a business trip, but missing a match is not an option. Moreover, technologies like VR headsets, and HD audio & video gadgets have brought a stadium viewing experience simply from home.

Most people have smart TVs that make it easier to watch a live match at home. The main advantage of watching a live match on the mobile phone is that you can watch it whenever, wherever you want. This way, you don’t miss a single match. Hence, you can stay updated even if you are traveling or stuck at work.

Technology acts as a catalyst for cricket lovers. For instance a fantasy cricket app! Dream11, one of the top fantasy cricket platforms allows you to customize your cricket team. To make your IPL season more exciting this year, you can play fantasy cricket games and win prizes. These apps come with features that make them stand apart from others.

Dream 11 allows you to play fantasy gaming with your friends so you can compete with them for different IPL teams. You can also show your sports skills & cricket knowledge by smartly creating a winning team of your own. It also allows you to play different sports and leagues such as football, kabaddi, baseball, and many others games you like.

Technology has taken us far beyond radio broadcast cricket updates to live tweets on scores. However, the love for cricket remained the same and is ever-growing.

Koda Lisa

The author Koda Lisa