Monday, August 2, 2021

No kidding, going to a shooting range near Washington, DC can bring you several benefits.


Shooting, whether with firearms or air guns, long (shotgun, rifle or carbine) or short (pistol or revolver), is an individual sport that has several well-differentiated modalities: skeet, precision, historical weapons, high precision, shooting ranges or F-class, each one with different subtypes.

In general, shooting with firearms, whether firearms or air guns, is learned and practiced in premises, galleries, or shooting range near Washington, DC designed for this purpose. Except for the IPSC or Tour Shooting modality, in which the shooter shoots while moving around the range, the shooting is practiced in a static way and at a determined distance from the target in the rest of the modalities. The targets (fixed or mobile) can be targets (there are various types and sizes), figures (cardboard or metal), or plates (clay, resin, or petroleum tar).

It is necessary to go to a gallery or club to practice and enjoy the activity (if the facilities belong to a club, they will be required to become members). The necessary equipment is the gun and the projectiles, and depending on the modality, glasses, hearing protection, appropriate clothing, or other various accessories.

The cost of joining a club varies, depending on the place and the type of practice, but it can be practiced with moderate budgets. Performing this exercise involves physical and mental skills in handling a firearm, and well done is, therefore, beneficial to health.

Sport shooting is an activity with several benefits that can help us physically and mentally:

  • It avoids a sedentary lifestyle: this sport forces us to move, be on our feet, and exercise.
  • Increases arm strength: the use of a gun requires physical strengthening of the arms, improving physical condition, and muscle strengthening.
  • Vision: daily work in front of a computer screen or cell phone generates eye strain. Performing activities outdoors without any technological distraction helps to relieve eyesight.
  • Balance: the need to remain still while aiming the gun involves practicing balance and working the abdominal muscles as lumbar pressure is exerted on the powers of the lower body. The weight of the upper body is distributed evenly, thus improving balance.
  • Confidence and self-improvement: training promotes self-confidence and decision-making.
  • Improved concentration and self-control: a shooter cannot afford any distractions and must control his mind and concentrate on the target. This will make him or her escape from other thoughts and focus solely and exclusively on the shot.
  • Adrenaline rush: The shot, the sound of the gun, everything that surrounds it causes the adrenaline to shoot and increase its levels in the blood.

This causes an increase in the respiratory rate and mobilization of glycogen reserves, a substance that provides glucose to the muscles, the body’s primary energy source. In addition, it produces a feeling of well-being and energy that leads to a state of happiness.

If you decide to practice this sport, never forget to follow the universal safety rules in the handling of weapons even if they are unloaded; always keep your gun unloaded and the ammunition separately; if you are going to transport it, do it after making sure that there is no ammunition inside it and in its holster or case; never point it at anyone and do not walk carelessly in the shooting range near Washington, DC.