Five Tips to Keep in Mind When Topdressing a Golf Course

Topdressing is primarily used to smoothen the green grass in golf courses and help prevent excessive thatch buildup. Also, it can promote upright growth, better water absorption, as well as modify and build a healthy soil profile. Apart from smoothing the surface of the greens, topdressing creates a more consistent application of materials. When topdressing a golf course it is important to consider the following tips:

Ensure the Grass is Healthy Enough

Although topdressing can help relieve stressful situations on grass, it can also add stress to already-stressed greens. This can happen when it is performed on greens that are already suffering. Thus, before you perform topdressing, ensure the grass is healthy enough to handle sanding and brushing. Very dry greens, greens that suffer from heat stress, and those infested or recovering from diseases should be not topdressed.

Use Quality Sand

Sands you can use for topdressing are not made equal. You may be tempted to purchase bargain sands but they will cost you more money down the road. With these sands, you may need to rebuild your greens. Ensure the sand percentage range is 80% to 90% and particle range must be between .15 to .75mm in size. If you have been using sand for a while and it works, just stick to it.

Avoid Overbrushing

Once you have performed a light topdressing, don’t brush the sane into the canopy again. Thus, you must only pass over it once, so the sand does not disappear. Factors such as rain will work the sand into the canopy.

Check the Course Schedule Before you Topdress

You don’t want to topdress the field the morning of a big tournament or the day your employer is coming out to play. While topdressing will improve playability and smooth out greens, the results can be visible a few days after topdressing. So, make sure to plan out your topdressing to ensure you perform it at the right time.

Make Enough Time to Topdress the Turf

You want to make sure you get maintenance completed in time or properly. So, make sure to communicate with a pro shop the reason you need to topdress and the window that must be made to get the job done. Keep in mind that topdressing is a practice that will improve the golf course and create long-term revenue. As a superintendent, you have to be concerned about the course’s condition.

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