3 components of the perfect sports application

If you have a good idea for a sports application, you want to execute it as soon as possible. However, it’s good to read into what’s needed for the perfect sports application first, as there are both technical as general issues you could run into. In this blog, we’ll name three components of the perfect sports application. By reading this, you’ll be prepared for execution.

  1. A plan

This sounds very obvious, but it’s less obvious than it sounds. For the perfect application, you need a well-thought plan. Things you should think about are how unique your idea is, and if there’s a market for your idea in general. If there’s not, you should reconsider creating the application, as it probably won’t have many users. If there is a market, you should think about what will distinguish your application from others with a similar idea, and how you will reach out to possible users. Make sure you have a detailed strategy, before you start the technical aspect of creating an application. It’s also smart to make some expectations, and a strategy based on those. This way you know what to do if your application performs surprisingly well, or if it doesn’t perform as good as you expected it to.

  1. An API

For the perfect sports app, you need a great API. API stands for Application Programming Interface, and helps you with the perfect database. It doesn’t matter what kind of sports app you want to create, you’ll need a database for nearly every one of them. We recommend the Sportmonks API, as this offers you the biggest database possible: both current as historical. It also provides you with live scores for several sports, such as football, cricket and Formula 1. These options can be implemented into nearly every sports-related application, so it might a good idea for you to take a look into this.

  1. A corporate identity

If you want your application to be truly yours, it needs to have a corporate identity throughout the whole app. This is important, because if you don’t have this corporate identity, users won’t be able to distinguish your application from others with a similar idea. A corporate identity exists of a logo, use of colour, a font, tone of voice and a lot more. By creating these components, you’ll have your corporate identity, which you can now implement in your application. Try to use colours that make sense with the product you’re selling: for a football-related application, you could try to use a shade of green, which of course represents the field. But, also try to make sure you’re not copying someone else’s corporate identity, as you want this corporate identity to be a part of you. offers a unique streak betting platform that lets you showcase your sports prediction skills. Compete against others, climb the leaderboard, and seize the opportunity to win exciting prizes.

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