June 2024


An insight into the world of international men’s volleyball

Sport is something that is enjoyed around the world, whichever form it takes. It offers the opportunity to compete, sometimes solo, but more often as part of a team, building relationships and friendships while getting fitter and having fun. There are so many options available, with some sports played more in certain parts of the world than others.

Volleyball has a worldwide appeal, as its participants are attracted to the game that only requires 6 players per side and doesn’t require lavish facilities to get started. It is inexpensive, fast fun, which is enjoyed by all ages, with some dreaming of reaching the highest levels and representing their men’s national volleyball team. It takes a lot of dedication to carry the expectations of volleyball fans and deliver success in the Volleyball Nations League, which can lead to a place in the Olympics, with the very best hoping to fire their team to the top of the standings.

The sport at the highest level is played by men and women. Brazil is top of the standings in the women’s game, while the men’s sees more European nations coming out on top. The Nations League is played in locations around the globe, offering another attraction to competitors who get the chance to visit exciting places and play in front of passionate crowds at the arenas, while millions tune in on TV to cheer on their heroes. The men’s competition currently has 16 teams in it, spread far and wide and representing several continents.

In 2024 after several rounds, the finals of the men’s competition were to be held in Lodz in Poland, whose team lies in second in the rankings behind Slovenia, while Brazil finished top of the tree in Bangkok at the women’s finals. Those who may be new to watching the sport will soon work out the rules, which is one of the reasons for the sport’s popularity. They are simple to understand, with the simple aim being to aim a ball over the net and land inside the court on the other side after three touches among teammates so that the opponents are unable to return it.

It’s fast, exciting stuff, both to play in and watch, with the best players in the world playing volleyball professionally and being lauded as celebrities in their homeland. Another beauty of the sport is that it offers some nations who are never likely to win a major football tournament or be on top of other disciplines the chance to win trophies. It helps if they have a population of tall physical males who enjoy putting their bodies on the line for their team. And while volleyball can be a lovely way to burn calories and enjoy some local recreational fun, there is no shortage of passion when representing a nation.

Many associate volleyball as being a women’s sport, but the men’s competition is fought just as passionately, with honours at stake and the chance to represent a nation at the forthcoming Olympics in Paris.

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