September 2022


Everything You Need to Know Before Buying A Golf Cart

The typical golf cart has developed from the pull carts designed to hold one bag to the options you drive on the golf course. It is moved by pushing or by electric power. Before the two-passenger cart, today was known as a golf cart. This is because it was driven and powered by an automobile.

Smart golf carts are helpful in zooming around the golf course and valuable for residential areas, resorts, universities, or villages to move around. The people buying golf carts are not only golf course managers but consumers who need them for different purposes, and it’s across all ages.

Factors to Consider When Buying Golf Equipment

Shopping for golf equipment including a cart is almost like shopping for a regular automobile. You can find new or used smart club cart, custom, vintage, fleet, gas, or electric golf cart. The electric cart is a preferable choice for many. After all, it’s environmentally friendly because it doesn’t emit bad air into the atmosphere. Before purchasing a golf cart, consider these features of an electric golf cart.

  • Immediate acceleration
  • Long-lasting battery that goes for almost 36 hours
  • Produces little noise even at high speeds
  • The distance will go on a full charge

If the car is from an ex-fleet, consider checking the age of the batteries. This is because the older batteries become, they cover less distance, and replacing them is expensive. Check the state of the charger, too, because the newer smart one only sends juice to the batteries when necessary. The controller is another essential part of the golf cart because you must set it at different speed levels. The batteries need more charge at high speeds, meaning less range for a full charge.

Decide between Gas or Electric

The rise of electric golf carts has almost wiped out gas golf carts, but they’re still around, as some people prefer the latter. Gas golf carts are more potent than electric options, which makes them street-ready if you plan to drive on the street. This is because an electric golf cart is steady but slow. On the downside, gas golf carts are noisier than electric options and unfriendly to the environment because they emit fumes.

When purchasing your golf cart, let the purpose or use guide you to decide if you’ll go to an electric or gas golf cart. An electric option is better for you if you’re to drive it in the estate, country club, or residential complex. Are Not only electric golf carts quieter, but also eco-friendly? However, you need to charge the batteries to ensure they’re ready for a drive before taking off. They’re cost-effective compared to gas-powered golf carts, and maintaining them is much easier because it has fewer moving parts.

New or Used

Purchasing a brand-new golf cart is a good idea, but don’t discredit used options, as some are still in good shape and of high quality. The critical thing to consider is the history of a used golf cart; servicing is what tells you the state of a second-hand golf cart. It should have zero accidents because some parts must be in bad shape if it was involved. Don’t be fooled by the exterior looks; it is great outside, but dying inside. Refurbished golf carts are also excellent options, although they’ve been used.


Golf carts are essential tools for players to move around the golf course. However, as you decide to buy a golf cart, consider the factors above to ensure you settle for nothing but what gives you the ultimate service.

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Top 5 Sports Bet – Websites

There are a number of sport bet – website out there. These websites can take advantage of unsuspecting consumers by slow-walking payouts or refusing to honor winnings. Luckily, there are a number of ways to avoid these pitfalls. Below are some tips for finding a legitimate sports betting site.


The PointsBet Sport bet website is an excellent option for those looking to place bets on their favorite sports. The site offers competitive betting odds on a variety of sports, including NHL games and NFL spreads. Additionally, it offers a wide range of prop bets. The website accepts VISA, MasterCard, debit cards, and ACH payments.

The PointsBet Sport bet website is designed to be user-friendly. The site is easy to navigate and offers a variety of sports wagering options, including live betting. Users can use their bank account to make withdrawals, and they are paid within 24 hours of placing a bet.


Bovada is a well-known sport bet website that offers a world-class user experience. Bovada offers a live chat option, as well as phone and email support. They can help you with questions related to creating an account, placing bets, and withdrawals. They can also answer questions about when future bets will be released.

Bovada offers odds on a wide variety of sports, including major US leagues. They also offer eSports betting and wagers on Olympic events. Their sportsbook platform is optimized to run on nearly all devices, making it easy to place bets on the go. Bovada also supports live betting, but their betting selection is not as extensive as other US-based sportbooks.


The FanDuel sport bet website is very user-friendly, as it provides users with a personalized bet slip and has an intuitive interface. Its mobile app is also highly reliable and has few technical problems. It is one of the top sportsbooks in the U.S. market for moneylines, and it also maintains a low hold in the futures category. Its sportsbook app is available for Android and iOS users.

The site has many sections for users to choose from. Those interested in football and basketball will find numerous tabs dedicated to their favorite sport. Users can choose from popular leagues, including EPL, MLS, UEFA, Spain, and the UK. There’s also a tab dedicated to tennis, with options for the ATP Tour, French Open, and US Open. It also offers daily odds boosts and promotions.


BetRivers is a sport betting website that can be downloaded or used on a desktop. To sign up, a user needs to provide his/her email address and choose a screen name. Then, they can fill in their date of birth and security questions. In addition, they need to provide their mobile phone number and last four digits of their SSN.

This award-winning sportsbook will debut in Colorado on May 1, 2020. The company has secured a market access agreement with JP McGill’s Hotel & Casino in Cripple Creek, Colorado. BetRivers is offering a $250 welcome bonus to new customers. The bonus is based on the customer’s first deposit.


Everygame is a reliable and established sport betting website that has been around for over 25 years. Despite its age, the company continues to stay on top of the latest trends. The site is easy to navigate, features a clean and clear interface, and has many useful features such as live betting sections. Users will also find shortcuts to US sports coupons and halftime betting icons to make their betting experience more convenient.

Everygame’s sports betting website covers almost every professional league in the USA. It also has a wide selection of lower league soccer competitions, including English football and German soccer. The website also covers tournaments for women’s and youth soccer.

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Politics and Your Power

We should talk, briefly, about what’s happening on the planet at the present time. Obviously, the qualities, center convictions, foundations, and pioneers we’ve set our confidence in for a large portion of our lives are no longer to be relied upon. The established press is loaded up with accounts of unsteadiness in monetary undertakings, unpredictability in public issues, and out and out bizarreness in private undertakings. Were we to accept all that we hear on television we would clearly sink into insensibility. Where, then, might we at any point search for mental soundness? Where is the silver lining we were guaranteed such a long time ago?

It’s all around as close as our own heart, our next grin, our next embrace. It’s with us constantly, in every single snapshot of our lives. We shouldn’t for a second need to go chasing all over after it, in case we become entangled and burdened by the progressions happening beyond us.

There are a couple of bits of insight, in any case, that might be useful as far as we’re concerned to recall as we go during that time ahead. We, first of all, can advise ourselves that the bailouts and gyrations of our monetary frameworks are totally 100 percent coordinated. Nothing is occurring that hasn’t been entirely arranged out well ahead of time by the individuals who create a gain off of the conflicts, disorders, tempests, and cash variances. The financial exchange, for instance, doesn’t go all over as per the promising and less promising times of the market. Never has, never will. It goes all over as per the directions of a couple of narrow minded men who lounge around a table in some back room some place choosing what will occur in the days to come.

All the while, the illnesses of today are man made. They don’t appear suddenly. They are concocted and afterward offered to us by conscienceless think big haulers in one more back room which is, maybe, right across the corridor from the monetary think big haulers who make our cash difficulties. The equivalent goes for our conflicts as a whole, our climate, and each and every part of the standard news we get. It’s each of the a coordination, a build, not changing because of the impulses of the business sectors or masses, yet due exclusively to the egotistical plans of the individuals who might control us. What’s more, that carries us to the energizing, tempting subject of politics.

I know it’s famous to become exasperated up about the political scene these days, in any case, politics is a region that is savvy to keep in context. Politics, by definition, is the specialty of controlling and controlling individuals, and to the degree that we burn through our valuable effort chatting on and on about who will win, or what transforms they say they will make, we are permitting ourselves to be occupied and guided away from our own power. For, as we pick, even in the smallest degree, to go to others to determine our singular issues, regardless of how honorable the person shows up, we give up our seat upon the lofty position of our own power. We put ourselves in a position to become casualties and look for someone else to take the blame later on. Basically, when we fixate on politics, we are taking care of the hand that is gnawing us.

When we understand what we’re doing, we can quit turning the reins of our own strengthening over to another person and begin to assume back command of our own lives. In truth, the answers for the present difficulties won’t come from the political field. The present legislators, no matter what, are traded, lock, stock, and barrel. Like manikins, they do the offering of private bosses or probably they wouldn’t be remaining on the platform before us. Notwithstanding who wins, the aftereffects of the impending decisions will not change anything of significance, and to think in any case is just to beguile ourselves further.

The more you fall in line with the Group of Man [instead of a country], the sooner your feelings of trepidation will die down and the nearer you come to your most prominent bliss.

The present issues must settled by figure out how to live by showing. The times of living by the impulses of the legislators and their secretive cash are quickly coming to a nearby. The people who are as of now leveling up their showing abilities are the ones who every other person will turn soon. They will be the ones who are making a blissful life for themselves regardless of whether there is cash, and paying little heed to what the television and papers are talking about. To be sure, the opportunity will come when everybody is living by showing, and, in doing as such, we will get to our very own power and bid farewell to individuals and frameworks that don’t serve our most noteworthy great.

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A Selection of All-Time Record Holders in the Rugby World Cup

In a year’s time the Rugby World Cup 2023 will begin in France and once again we’ll be treated to the spectacle that is the 20 competing nations battling it out to hoist the Webb Ellis Cup and be crowned the greatest on the planet.

At the same time, we’re also guaranteed to experience some iconic moments that we’ll no doubt look back on in years to come as truly special happenings in Rugby World Cup history. Often these moments are when records are broken, and with today’s exceptional talents in the game, we may well see some records being smashed during the tournament.

So to build up some anticipation for this, here’s a selection of some the all-time record holders in the Rugby World Cup that might need to be updated come October 2023.

Most tournament titles

At present, the honour for most tournament titles is shared by South Africa and New Zealand, who have three each respectively. With both the Springboks and All Blacks involved next year there’s every chance we could finally have a frontrunner.

Most player points in a tournament

The current record holder for the most player points scored in Rugby World Cup history is England’s Jonny Wilkinson, who over four tournaments (1999, 2003, 2007 and 2011 respectively) has amassed 277 points in 19 appearances.

Most player points in a single tournament

We have to go all the way back to 1987 for this record, as this was when New Zealand’s Grant Fox scored a mighty 126 points in the inaugural competition. The closest anyone has come since then was once again Jonny Wilkinson who scored 113 points in 2003.

Most tries in a match

New Zealand’s Marc Ellis’ incredible six tries against Japan in the 1995 Rugby World Cup in South Africa is still the most anyone has ever scored in a single tournament match.

Most conversions in a match

It was in this same game in 1995 that another record was set – which has also yet to be broken – by New Zealand’s Simon Culhane who made 20 conversions against Japan. This is another record that hasn’t really been challenged since, the closest anyone has come is Australia’s Mat Rogers against Namibia in 2003.

Most drop goals in a tournament

Another record currently held by Jonny Wilkinson is the most drop goals in a single tournament. Unsurprisingly, this was also in the 2003 competition which featured the famous late drop goal win by Wilkinson for England in the final against Australia.

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