November 2021


What Is A Golf Simulator?

A golf simulator offers a great way to play golf, especially when the weather is poor. It allows you to play on courses around the world from anywhere your heart desires. Instead of playing in the rain or snow, you can go indoors and enjoy a high-quality golf simulator session.

How Does A Golf Simulator Work?

A simulator allows you to play a round of golf on a virtual course. Many factors determine the quality of the simulation, but they all have one thing in common – they allow you to practice your shots and improve your game anywhere, anytime.

Three main components work together to make a golf simulator.

  1. The first is a projector, which displays the virtual course in front of you.
  2. The second is a screen, which you hit an absolute ball at via a mat that catches the ball and calculates its speed and direction.
  3. And finally, there’s an infrared camera that tracks your clubhead through space and time to determine where your shot lands.

One of the nice things about golf simulators is that their setups are relatively easy. It is because you can purchase several components to set up your simulator or get one that already comes with everything you need to get started.

How Much Does A Golf Simulator Cost?

Golf simulators come in all shapes and sizes, which means that the price range is extensive. You can get a very basic simulator for around $500, but you’ll end up with a simulated round that is limited.

On the other hand, you can also spend more than ten times as much on a high-end simulator that offers advanced features and simulations. The best way to determine how much you should pay is to think about what kind of features you want.

Where Can You Use A Simulator?

A golf simulator is excellent for any space with enough room for a screen and projector, so your options are pretty open. One of the biggest benefits of owning an indoor simulator is that it can be set up anywhere!

You can set up a golf simulator in your garage, basement, man cave, or home theatre for the ultimate golf experience.

What Are Some Simulator Game Options?

The biggest benefit of owning a simulator is all of the game options you get to choose from. You can play nearly every course in the world – and even some of your favorite fictional courses – with a golf simulator.

With a golf simulator, you can play the most popular game mode, which is stroke play. You can also play match play or Stableford if you want to mix things up a bit.

How Good Is The Visual Quality?

Golf simulators have different shapes and sizes, but the quality of the image depends on your budget. If you spend the bare minimum, the visual quality will be low and lead to eye strain.

If you spend a bit more money on medium-range products, the images and graphics will look much better than your average TV screen in HD. You can also upgrade to 4K to get an even better simulation quality.

In a nutshell, choosing a golf simulator is all about determining your budget and what types of features you’re after. The more money you spend, the better quality you’ll get in return.

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Essential Tips to Choosing the Best Video Games to Play

When it comes to entertainment, there are literally thousands to choose from. You indeed have tons to choose from, from watching movies, tv shows, reading a book, and video games. The goal of entertainment is to keep you busy if you’re doing nothing. At the same time, you have fun and absorb information. You don’t need to think about time since your aim is to make use of your time to do things you like. One of these sources of entertainment is video games, which are prevalent in today’s digital world. And there’s a whole world of video games to explore!

There are tons of video games being released every year, which you may or may not like. Since these are available in different genres, you can easily choose which is ideal for your playstyle. But since most video games are being sold, you’ll need to know which ones are the best according to your preference. Visit Pillar of Gaming for various gaming guides, or you can read on to learn how to choose the best one for you!

Know & Understand the Various Game Genres

Video games come in various game genres, which means they have different themes for you to choose from. For example, action games are those kinds of video games filled with action. On the other hand, adventure games are when the gameplay involves your character going on a journey. Fighting games are the kind of games like Street Fighter or Soul Calibur. There are horror games for the horror fanatics, as well. It largely depends on your preference and if you think it will bring you joy and entertainment once your start playing the particular game.

Talk to Other Game Enthusiasts

Another excellent way for you to know if a video game is worth the money and effort is when you talk to another game enthusiast. You can also speak to the sales staff of the video game store you’re purchasing the game from. They are most probably expert associates that are most likely into gaming, like you! They will share with you their experiences about a game and if it fits your wants. Every gamer will know how passionate another gamer is when it comes to their games, which is why talking to a gamer will help.

What is the Rating of the Game?

It always pays to check the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) rating to know if it’s safe for the entire family, if it has gore and blood, or if the game references something triggering. In addition, some websites offer information about a particular video game, where you can input the game title, and you’ll see all the necessary information and the rating of the game. The ratings will only range from Everyone (E) to Adults Only 18+ (A), so it’s important to check the ratings first to know if it’s safe for kids or not.

Learn the Platforms Where the Game is Available

Some games are only available for PC, while others are compatible with all gaming platforms. You may buy a game that’s only playable on consoles and Nintendo switch, while others are made for Xboxes only. So it depends on the developer where they want to publish their games, but make sure that you have the gaming platform. Or else, you’ll be wasting money because you don’t have a PS4 or PS5.



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4 Of The Greatest Cricket Players In Cricket History

Cricket is the most loved game in India and with today’s technological advancements, you can check the live cricket score on any cricket app. Many great players with remarkable talents have graced the game, and the fans continue to be amazed at the scores. Cricket is the world’s second most popular sport, behind soccer, and is played in almost every country. Cricket was first played in 1844 and has produced a slew of brilliant players.

So, here are the Top Greatest Cricketers of All Time with their cricket score: –

Sir Viv Richards  (Windies)

Sir Viv Richards is the all-time greatest cricket batsman. Sir Viv Richards is often recognized as the greatest batsman in history. A batsman who attacks and dominates. In both formats of the game, Viv Richards used to dominate bowlers. He took a direct approach. From 1975 until 1985, Viv Richards was considered the best ODI batsman.

Sir Viv Richards has amassed 8540 runs in Tests at an average of 50.24. And 86 strike rate, as well as 6721 runs in ODIs at a strike rate of 90. Viv Richards has been responsible for far too much devastation in his lifetime.

Sachin Tendulkar (India)

Sachin Tendulkar is often referred to as the God of Cricket. Sachin Tendulkar is widely recognized as the greatest batsman in cricket history. Tendulkar was a member of the Indian side that won the 2011 Cricket World Cup. Sachin Tendulkar has 18,426 ODI runs. And 15821 Test runs in 24 years of international cricket, including 100 International Hundreds. He was the first batter in ODI history to score a double century.

Shane Warne (Australia)

Shane Warne is the best wrist spinner in cricket history. Shane Warne is widely regarded as the greatest wrist-spinner ever. Almost every batsman in front of him had failed. In his day, he was a terrifying bowler. Warne has 708 Test and 293 ODI wickets to his name, and he was also a capable hitter.

Brian Lara (Windies)

Brian Lara is the outstanding cricket batsman of all time. He was, however, behind Sachin in that aspect. Many great bowlers, though, fell short in front of them. He was also an outstanding Captain. Lara is one of just a few batsmen to reach 10,000 runs in both forms. In Tests, Lara holds the highest individual score by a batsman (400).

This may be recorded as a cricket live score for all players at the time, most likely using any cricket score app.

Other famous players include Ricky Ponting, MS Dhoni, Adam Gilchrist, Kumar Sangakkara, and more. If you want to know more about the latest cricket scores or about players. There are third-party sports and cricket apps that are an excellent way to keep up with the latest cricket scores and results. Aside from the essentials, there are fascinating stories about players, matches, and interviews that keep the fans hooked to the game.

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